Arts & Crafts Lights

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What better time than now? If you need to replace your lights, one of these handsome collections of luminaries, 
could be just the ticket!!! Be sure and check out some of the Post and Pillar mount lights too! 
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Old Mission,  Grand Teton, and 
Comstock Arts and Crafts Lights

Mount Rainier and Cannon 
Hill collections

The West Coast collection

reproduction Stickley 501 compass lamp

The Nature Silhouette collection

The Shoshone collection

Bitterroot mountain collection

Black Forest lights

The Pasadena, Alameda, and 
Santa Rosa lights

Canopy of Branches and Branch 
view collections

The San Luis Rey lights

Brush Wood lights

Lithia Park and Yosemite lights

Old Faithful collection

Drop mount ceiling lights

Hickory sticks collection

Vanity and swing arm lights

Crater Lake series

Century Collection

Red Wing Collection

Forged Iron Collection

Pine Meadows collection

Port Orford collection

Timber Ridge lights

Copper Creek lights

Beacon Hill light collection

Union Street lights

Union Street ceiling, floor, column 
and post lights

Arts and Crafts Lights

Arts and Crafts Lights are one of easiest ways to add Craftsman elegance and charm to your home. We have a myriad of Arts and Crafts lights from which to choose from. In addition, the Arts and Crafts lights that we have can be used on the interior and well as the exterior of your home, so be sure and look around carefully because you don't want to overlook anything. We have so many different kinds and styles of Arts and Crafts lights to choose from, that you will probably have a hard time trying to figure out from which collection you would like to select from. Perhaps you have a mission style home, we have many collections of Arts and Crafts lights that would look appropriate inside and out of your abode. The Black Forest Collection would look especially nice for a home of this style. A Prairie style home is easily outfitted in the lighting department, as well as an American Four Square home, both of which notably beautiful with lights that are selected from The Tesla Collection of wood framed lights. Many of the lights also have a very rustic feel to them, such as the Hickory Stick collection and the Crater Lake, Yosemite and Old Faithful parks collections, which are appropriate with the lighting of this time period. If you have even gone to any of the Old National Parks and seen some of the old light fixtures within the massive lodges you can see that they are just as every bit as charming as the old original ones of the era.

One of the most enjoyable ways to spruce up your home is by adding new light fixtures to it. It is kind of like doing an instant remodel on your home. Plus, it can actually be fun. With the development of the digital camera and photo computer programs,  you can even superimpose what a certain light fixture might look like on the front of your home or in a certain wall within a room. Then comes the difficult part, trying to decide which wonderful Arts and Crafts light or lights you want to use. With all the different options and varieties to choose from, it's almost like being a kid in a candy shop. If you have a massive looking home that is rather substantial in size we have lights that won't look wimpy against the background of your home. Some of the existing styles come in a smaller and larger size version of the same light. On the other end of the spectrum, if your home is more on the quaint side, perhaps a diminutive two bedroom bungalow, we can accommodate you too! You wouldn't want to put a gargantuan light fixture on the exterior of a small home or in small formal dining room, because it just wouldn't have an appealing feel or be fitting. Don't forget to look at the lights that would look great in a bathroom or kitchen and dining room application, we have many to choose from. Putting lighting on your home is kind of like putting the frosting on the cake. Or maybe even the decorative icing, whereas you spell out Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary or the like. We aren't stretching it here are we? Let's just say that we have some really sweet Craftsman style lights. With a large variety and styles can compliment your home to a T it is definitely the place to explore when you are looking for lights in the Arts and Crafts style.